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any other time, it wouldve been a beautiful day

-I worked on Sisterhood and hw.
*Sun+bikini+spf 45= laying out while being productive! (And, yes, I'm still glow-in-the-dark white.)
*Saw Modest Mouse!!!! YAY WILTERN! :) Happy birthday to Matt!

I cried my heart out.
And it wasn't enough.

And i need to say that it's fucking utter bullshit.
Timing is so idiodic.
I say...screw time constraints.
I hate having to prioritize, but there's no question.

It just makes my heart ache so much...and my head hurt...and my heartbeat go faster and faster...
I can't imagine a world with blue skies and birds singing without her.
And it's disappearing too quickly.

My grandma is officially being given no more than a week.
Fuck happiness.
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