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lack of exhaustion

Thanks miss allyson.

first best friend; Julia Hartford
first car; Little Tykes...firefighter red with a hot yellow roof and roomy plastic interior
first break-up; cute relationship break-up: Daniel Lomelin                  serious relationship break-up: Matt Merkin
first screen name; surfergrrl31
first self purchased album; Third Eye Blind?
first funeral; my great grandma; first one that I truly remember: Aunt Francis (my grandma's twin)
first pets; Bobo the dog, Sadie the cat, Kitty the cat, and Sasha the dog
first big trip; Cruise to Mexico
first music you remember hearing in oyu house; The Beatles---Let it Be album
last car ride; Mom, bry, & craig home from the train station
last kiss; Carly Morgan on the cheek. From a boy? My lips are sealed.
last good cry; not sure
last movie seen; RENT.
last beverage; H2O
last food consumed; Lean Cuisine that was surprisingly delicious
last crush; not saying.
last phone call; Juliana
last time showered; last night
last shoes worn; Rainbows
last item bought; Jamba Juice...or Bangles from Target's dollar section

where is your favorite place to shop; Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Raggedy Threads, Urban Outfitters, thrift stores, swap meets, flea markets, Old Navy, Target, Ikea, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Skinmarket (awww old school), Rhino, you know...
any tattoos or piercings; 2 piercings-one per ear. hopefully a lil' nose piercing in honor of becoming legal

do you do drugs: only perscribed
what kind of shampoo do you use: Charles Worthington...because it smells yummy and makes it clean
what are you listening to right now: Rilo Kiley
where do want to get married: Huntington Library & Gardens or somewhere equally as beautiful
how many buddies are online right now: not sure...i'm not.
what would you change about yourself: be less dramatic, less of a procrastinator, and stop being sick soon.

color: purple or turquoise
food: ice cream/fro yo oor sushi
boys' names: Gene, Brandon, Don, Conor, Charlie
girls' names: Blythe, Chloe, Bailey, Brooke
subjects in school: history & dance

taken a bath with someone: when i was a wee one. but i definitly showered with someone.
smoked: never
made yourself throw up: because my nausea medicine didn't work =(
skinny dipped: sadly, i havn't
made yourself cry to get out of trouble: before i realized to save crying for when it mattered
pictured a crush naked: oh yess
actually seen a crush naked: well, yeah
cried when someone died: yes
lied: yes
fallen for your best friend: it's happened
rejected someone: sadly
used someone: definitly no
done something you regret: yes and no. I do, but i shouldn't.

clothes: lovely denim, ben folds shirt, vintage sweatshirt, City of Hope for Breast Cancer pin, Paul McCartney "mini beatles record" necklace, Gam Ze Ya Avor ring, and wondeful underwear
music: Rilo Kiley
make-up: Hmm...maybe mascara that i forgot to take off?
favorite artist: Annie Leibowitz

hugged: my mom =)

open Minded: most definitly
arrogant: i don't think so
interesting: i try
moody: sometimes, and luckily not all the time
hardworking: when I want to be
organized: sometimes is the operative word
healthy: Ha. ha. ha. fucking ha.
bored: no, just not tired.
responsible: Definitly
angry: It comes and goes with the blackouts
sad: depends
disappointed: nope
hyper: sometimes, you'd think i had a love affair with speed
trusting: yes'm
talkative: depends on the energy level...and how interesting you are
legal: one month!!!!!!

kill: Ehh, the world would be nicer without assholes
slap: my mouth is shut on this one, kids
talk to online: my <3s.
sex up: I definitly have a top five

coke or Pepsi: coke
flowers or candy: flowers. snapdraggons or roses. or, better yet, both. OOOh unless accompanied by chocolate. Then, all three=)
tall or short: both. all if it. Together, the world is a beautiful place
thick or thin: why does it matter?

in the morning I am: sleeping. or, eating.
what do you notice on a person first: demeanor
last person you danced with: Rachel Samantha Meis
who makes you smile: happy people or people who care.
who gives you a funny feeling when you see them: again, list to myself

sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone to IM you: nope
wish you were young: sometimes. I liked being five

of times I have had my heart broken: 3 times. One was in terms of romance.
of hearts I have broken: I don't know. I hope none, but I'm not sure that's true.
of boys I've kissed: a good amount
of girls I've kissed: all were lovely
of continents I have lived in on: one
of cds I own: i lost count. over 120. and i've lost way too many before that count. Damn. Thank heavens for Penny Lane, and by Penny Lane, I mean my ipod.


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