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Sisterhood and Frat.


This February.

It's very possible it may be cancelled.
This is my favorite weekend. I really really don't want it to slip through the cracks because of other's mistakes. I'm not letting this one go, kids. It's going to happen. 110 kids or more (I think combined with Frat...), it's happening.

If you are a Jewish teen, even from another region, pleaaaaaase think about how much you love hanging out with fun people and bonding and doing stupid stuff that's beyond fun. If you're already in BBYO or know of someone in it, PLEASE let them know that the best weekend ever is happening this February. If you know exactly what I'm talking about, please help PubliCize. This is crucial. Wear t-shirts, make pins and posters and flyers, have kidnap breakfasts JUST FOR sisterhood. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Thank you.

PS Im so excited for Kallah. I can't wait. WHEEEEEE!!! Hilltop, Felipe, pretty ocean I come!
And happy Hanukkah :)
I got a pillow? and cash. What shall i get tonight? Ooh the suspense :)
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